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Styling WP Forms for Dark Backgrounds in Upfront editor

Oct 5, 2017
Posted by Adam Winchester

If you’re building a website with a dark background, and you want to put a form on the contact us page, it can be difficult to find all of the CSS classes and ID’s to change the different text to white (or a colour easily read on a dark background).​​

This post will list all of the classes in WP Forms to make it easy to change these using the Upfront Global CSS editor simply by using the following code:​​

.class or #id {​

Here are the classes:​

Form fields

(like First Name and Last Name)
class = “wpforms-field-sublabel”

​Checkbox or Radio button labels

​Field Description

So, styling a WP Form in the Upfront editor may look something like the code below:​

.wpforms-field-label, .wpforms-field-label-inline, .wp-forms-field-label-inline, .wpforms-field-description{​

Questions? Post them below and we’ll help out.

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