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The easy way to migrate a WordPress website

Sep 27, 2017
Posted by Adam Winchester

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Managing websites can be stressful. But there’s nothing more stressful than moving your WordPress website from one server to another.​

So many things to think about. Files, Styles, Databases, Nameservers, A records, MX records, Google rankings, htaccess files, making sure that everything works afterwards. ​​ It makes me stressed just thinking about it.​

So when I was testing tens of migration plugins for WordPress, I wanted something that was going to save me time and angst.​

That’s when I found All in One WP Migration Plugin. This piece of kit is the bomb!

​It’s a free plugin, for sites up to 512MB, and paid after that. You can download the free version of  here: All-In-One WP Migration or the paid version is available here: Unlimited Extension

Below, I’ll take you through a step by step of migrating your WordPress website to a new provider:​

Make sure you’re not taking anything you don’t want with you​​
    Check all of your plugins are up to date, make sure that WordPress is updated to the most recent version, and remove any plugins not used. I would also suggest installing WPMUDEV Defender plugin to make sure you’re not transporting any nasties to your new server.​
Once you’re confident that the site is clean​​​

  1. ​Login to your WordPress Admin on your “origin” server
  2. Open All-in-One WP Migration plugin​
  3. Select “Export to” and “File” (other selections are paid options via the developer website​
  4. Wait for the Export process to complete and the file will download automatically​ – The file will be a single package with the extension .wpress – this will contain all your site files and the site database.​
  5. Go to your new “destination” server​
  6. Install WordPress as you would normally and login to the new fresh installation using the username and password you selected in the install process (note that this username and password will change to your username and password on the origin site, once you update the website.)​
  7. Install and Activate the All-in-One WP Migration plugin​
  8. Open the plugin to the Import screen​
  9. Select “Import From” and “File” (or the option you previously selected on the origin server​
  10. Select the file and click import​
    ​That’s it. Once the import finishes, the website will contain everything that you had on the origin server. ​ Now it’s time to make it live.
  11.  Go to your domain registrar and login
  12. Select your domain that you want to manage
  13. Choose “Manage DNS”, or “Update DNS”
  14. Change the Nameservers to your new nameservers for the destination server

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